Incentives to support data access

2017-11-20T11:31:29Z (GMT) by Expert Advisory Group on Data Access
Funders want to encourage researchers to share their data where appropriate. But there are many reasons why researchers may be unable or unwilling to invest the time and resources needed to make their data available.
In 2013, EAGDA carried out a study to find out:
what factors help and hinder researchers in making the data they generate more widely available
how to create incentives to promote data sharing.
Published in May 2014, the final report and its supporting materials make recommendations on how to build incentives and embed cultural change.

EAGDA supports cohort studies and their Data Access Committees (DACs) by promoting good working practices, consistent governance and transparent decision making.
It also wants to increase UK input into international policy discussions on data access.
EAGDA is a partnership between:
Wellcome, Cancer Research UK, the Economic and Social Research Council and the Medical Research Council