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Measuring the Value and Impact of the Europe PMC Repository

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Version 2 2019-07-26, 15:08
Version 1 2019-06-26, 14:47
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posted on 2019-07-26, 15:08 authored by Anoushka Davé, Vivek Seth, Emma Pottinger, Cristina Rosenberg, Xavier Potau, Peter Varnai
The Europe PMC Funder Committee commissioned an independent analysis of the repository by the consultancy Technopolis. This is the final report from the study which measures the value and impact of Europe PMC. The authors conducted surveys and interviews to compile quantitative and qualitative data for calculating a variety of economic values. This report describes their methodology as well as the results from their analysis.

26/07/2019: Please note the following details of the update to version 2

We have revised the report to update the numbers in Table 2 referring to the number of citations, abstracts, and full-text articles in PubMed. We incorrectly stated that PubMed consists of a database of citations and abstracts for more than 25 million biomedical articles when it is actually over 29 million biomedical articles. Additionally, we stated that there were 3 million full-text articles when there are over 5.5 million articles.

We have also revised text that implicated PubMed would cease functioning if there was a government shutdown in the U.S. PMC and PubMed are considered essential resources that continue to be operated even in the event of shutdowns.


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