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Strengthening national health research systems in Africa: lessons and insights from across the continent

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posted on 2021-02-25, 16:50 authored by Catherine M. Jones, Amos Ankotche, Emily Canner, Fatma Habboubi, Mamuye Hadis, Aaron Hedquist, Pamela Atieno Juma, Dineo Kebadiretse, Tiny Masupe, Rhona Mijumbi, Namuunda Mutombo, Ainia Anjatiana Rakotobe, Joëlle Sobngwi-Tambekou, Abel Welwean, Sr, Olivier Wouters, Clare Wenham, Justin Parkhurst
Despite considerable progress in knowledge production of health sciences by African researchers over the past decade, significant investment in health sciences research (HSR) in Africa remains low. This project investigated how HSR capacity in Africa can be improved, recognising that strategies for strengthening HSR in Africa require a broad knowledge base, informed by diverse experiences and lessons from across the continent. This report provides detailed analyses on the measurement of HSR and development of national health research systems while showing systemic features that can lead to improvements at a country level. The findings and recommendations underscore the importance of centring HSR capacity strengthening and investment in Africa on national ownership of health research systems.

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